The School Environment

Afterschool Study/Homework Club

After school study is provided three/four evenings per week. It is a strictly quiet study setting designed to acclimatise students to examination conditions and it is supervised by a teacher. Spaces are limited and priority is given to students in examination years.
Fees are payable per term.

Homework club is provided for one hour four evenings per week i.e. Monday to Thursday inclusive. Spaces are limited and priority is given to students with Special Education Needs as determined by the SEN department. This is a setting where a teacher or special needs assistant is available to offer support and help to complete homework assignments.
No fees are payable.

Educational trips & Culture Activities

Educational trips, cultural tours and guest speakers are a vital component of education in today’s world. For learning to be relevant it must be linked directly to the “real world” and “real life” and enhance knowledge of the world around us. Studies have shown that experiencing learning, through seeing a process occur in a factory or hearing first-hand a description of an event, greatly enhance understanding of and retention of learning.
Additionally, trips out of school partaking in fun activities provides an ideal medium for group bonding to aid the induction of students new to the school and enhance relationships within established school groups. In planning for trips and tours every effort is made to keep the cost to a minimum for parents.


Library/Reading Room

As an alternative to other more active pursuits, we have provided access to the library in the English room at lunch time each day where books can be exchanged, facilitated by transition year students, to provide students with a quiet space in which to enjoy the pleasure of reading.