What We Offer

What can you hope to achieve by sending your child to Grange Post Primary School

  • A wide range of subjects on offer across the Junior and Leaving Cycle programmes- (further specific details underneath individual programme headings)
  • An innovative Transition Year Programme to effectively bridge the gap between the Junior and Senior Cycle; and to increase the experience and independence of our students ahead of the Leaving Cycle.
  • Smaller class sizes across all subject areas to facilitate an enhanced relationship between students and teachers and foster a positive learning environment.
  • Inclusive and student -centred school community and environment with well developed procedures in anti-bullying, pastoral care and student support.
  • Innovative and highly competent teaching team- verified by numerous school inspectors and consistent high results and student outcomes.
  • Advanced use of IT in the learning process, including office 365 as a learning platform and sharing hub; in addition to innovative computer classes with computer coding and programming up to and including Transition Year student level.
  • Open systems of communiation with parents through VSware.
  • Full after school programme of activities including  sports, homework club, after school supervised study as well as targeted extra tuition; four evenings per week for up to two hours after school ends.
  • A positive and fair Code of Behaviour underpinned by  mutual respect for  everyone, a nurturing school environment and clear consistent boundaries.
  • A varied extra-curricular programme to compilment the curriculum and promote health and wellbeing.
  • Educating locally to support local business and foster the future of the locality.